Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 ideas for a new website

Did you know that 97 % of consumers use the Internet to find a local company ? This figure alone should convince you of the obvious, is that the reign of the telephone book is over. However , several companies deny and refuse to undertake technological change - too expensive and complicated, they are justified . I admit it : The Internet is a constantly changing area where it is easy to be exceeded.
However, do not fall into the trap .
A website is not an advertising box hard to assemble it then send it to oblivion. It is a powerful display that projects the image of your company : by taking shortcuts , you invite your prospective customers to find their way and more serious than you . This message is negative , at the virtual equivalent to welcome guests in dilapidated - an unthinkable act for any business owner !

A good website is not limited to the question of visual : it should also be ergonomic , present a clear, do not contain dead links , to be without faults, etc. . Some of its aspects are common sense , others require a more thorough knowledge of the Web . In any case , the idea is to offer the customer a pleasant experience. Better a small site is a good thing unmanageable, incomplete and full of "social" buttons fashion.Taking ActionCreate a site asks , at least , knowledge of HTML and CSS ; depending on your goals , you may need PHP , JavaScript or ActionScript . Unless you have some facility with computers and be willing to spend several months of study , I advise you to contact a web agency or a web consultant. They will transform your desires into reality .

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