Thursday, April 3, 2014

How the colors and graphics can they affect your website

How the colors and graphics can they affect your website? The effect is a bit like in a store. Imagine a customer enters your shop . Even before it has a chance to evaluate your business , it is already judgments based on its cleanliness and layout.

Your colors and graphics function in much the same way . They do not necessarily reflect the quality of your product, but the visitor will make decisions about your credibility , your reliability and professionalism based only on your colors and graphics .

These decisions are not aware . They are unconscious , subtle feelings of trust or distrust.

Here's what you need to know about the choice of colors and graphics to establish your credibility .

The basics of using color .

Firstly , it is a good idea to have a primary color and an adjacent color. Sometimes a site can have a beautiful appearance with two colors or three colors (it is usually best to never have more ) .

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The colors you choose should be similar enough to be soothing to the eyes. In addition, it will give a professional look.

Contrast or opposite colors should be used with care. It is useful to have opposite colors or high contrast to draw attention to one or two elements , but it is less effective for a graphic charter .

Use colors sparingly. The rest of your site should be neutral , especially with white.

The two rules for graphics.

These two rules are:

Do not have too many graphics .

Each graph should have a professional appearance.

In all articles or pages , just add a picture, maybe two . In your header , you need a single graph . If there are too many graphics , the visitor will not come to focus on the content (what is most important on a page).

Each graph needs to be carefully chosen . Indeed, if you use a graphic amateur aspect, the impact will be negative. In short, picture or graphic must send your professionalism, credibility and quality of your work.

Initially, it takes discipline to learn to put less graphics on a site, but if you understand the importance of this work, it will be easier . Just look at the sites of large enterprises, their design is usually clean and they are fun to watch.

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