Thursday, April 3, 2014

Web 2.0 and Social Media

Community Management has gradually emerged as an obvious choice for many companies in recent years.
With the birth and development of Web 2.0 , users , and so customers and prospects have obtained a right of reply and can thus express their opinions on everything that matters to them.
Sharing and discussion is all the more important since the advent of social networking, with more than 28 million users in France only on Facebook . More than 105 minutes per week are spent on the social network medium , either through the website or various social applications dedicated .
Suffice to say that for brands, a clear positioning on the internet is a necessity.

Because the principle of Community Management it is to act , not react. A clear editorial line must be defined early in order to identify areas of content writing a dedicated community manager or community management agency will be responsible to write and relay on the most relevant networks .
Social Media or Social media is a jungle in which changes are rapid and radical . In this context, it may be advantageous to delegate tasks to external community management professionals, whether internal skills required in these missions are not available.

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