Thursday, April 3, 2014

Actual Learning of Social Media

There are different options and devices within the community Google Plus, which will help you greatly improve your productivity and visibility with the aim to build contacts and get business opportunities.
Tip 1 - use the notifications.
One way to achieve is to select existing contacts to notify specific individuals or circles when you post information or important updates . Do not forget to use this option with caution , to avoid being considered a spammer.
When you choose or circles , check the option " send a notification for this post ."
Tip 2 - Use the content of others to your advantage.
Among the people you follow , some offer content that may interest those present in your circles. Google Plus offers a very useful option in this situation.

Just click "Share" at the bottom right of a message , which will open a window. You just have to choose your circle of destination and the message is transmitted automatically.
Tip 3 - mention someone in your messages.
You can choose to report in your content and updates a person in the same way you would on Twitter, using the @ symbol : @ username.
You can also mention someone with the symbol ( +) , like this: username +
Tip 4 - block a person .
If you find someone too regularly adds new messages ( several times a day ) or if you are not or no longer interested in his messages, you can choose to block this person .
Just click on the icon on the top right of each message , and then select the " block this person " option.
Tip 5 - Easily navigate through the stream.
Google Plus, the flow is like the wire Twitter or Facebook wall with all the updates to your circles appearing in a single area of your account.
You can choose to browse the stream of all your circles or circle at once, filter your feeds to display the contents of the selected circle. This facilitates the discovery of new content.

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