Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adapt a website in a foreign language

Web design and website creation are resolutely focused on the international market. In this city of a thousand cultural facets , many industries reach a wide audience beyond the borders. Create an English version of its website is a little wise investment to extend the range of its activities. In the spheres of tourism and business, Italian or Russian German versions , you will directly reach your target audience . Who does not like being hosted in his native language ?
Adapt a website in a foreign language , however, has subtleties. Site translated using an automatic tool forgetting to do read by a native speaker is dangerous. Thus, with the best of intentions , a language school online has a name which in English means nicely a variety of coffee. On the Russian version of the site , the same word has a much coarser meaning ... What a pity ! I bet that this company , with the most beautiful website and the best courses in the world, only to be emulated east of Trafalgar Square.
Creating a new website or redesigning an old website should not be taken lightly . Each of us has a neighbor or a cousin who " made ​​the web design " dilettante . Yet nothing replaces the work of a professional who takes into account not only the aesthetics of the site, but also its usability, navigability and provides technology really adapted to the specific project. Professional supports the creation of Internet (Geneva , Switzerland) site Multilingual taking into account all these factors, in addition to providing an innovative web design. Attention professional does not mean expensive! Take time to study the different offers and request a quote.

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