Thursday, April 3, 2014

Smatphones and Internet

If you have a smartphone with internet , know that so you can enjoy the benefits of mobile Lyoness Cashback . It is a way to win vouchers and win discounts every time you do your shopping. And to do that , you just have to get you the Smartphone application appropriée.Utilisez modern technology and earn more money
The Lyoness Mobile App is a modern interface that gives you access to preferential purchasing conditions . Wherever you are , so you can shop via your phone , manage, and redeem your mobile coupons and shopping at any time. Note that over 17 000 companies, in collaboration with Lyoness currently accept these vouchers . You can do your shopping without cash back and get the benefits of loyalty ... and much more! To do this, you just need to download the application on the Lyoness website and install it on your smart phone. Lyoness Mobile App is easily downloadable , besides the fact that it is totally free.
Functions and uses of mobile application
On one side , you can use mapping services online via your smartphone . Thanks to the " Location Based Services " option, you can also do calculations and identify routes in a very short time Lyoness partner companies located near you . On the other hand , you can find other features ( overview of events and news , direct access to the cockpit, virtual card ...) through the Lyoness Mobile App . Otherwise, you'll have at your disposal the information about Lyoness foundations or those relating to the number ; the amount of purchases / receipts vouchers mobile . In short , this app is the perfect companion intelligent consumers .

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