Thursday, April 3, 2014

Google adwords campaign

Google adwords campaign without " Exclude Keywords " is doomed to drift. Do you know the method of targeting exclusionde Google Adwords : Exclude Keywords ? Did you know that the absence of negative keywords degrades the commercial and financial performance of a campaign ?Do you know the "Google Quality Score " ? The key parameter in the operation of Google Adwords, the "Google Guality Score " is used to calculate the cost charged to the advertiser click.This guide shows you one of the methods often unrecognized advertisers to increase the "Google Quality Score " and optimize business and financial performance of campaigns. This is the key method to exclude words.
1 . The role of keywords in an Adwords campaignSponsored Links have invented the method of targeted advertising and measure which keywords are the main ingredient. They identify and describe the expectation of the user in a time T by the query that entered in the search tool , namely Google to present appropriate ads.

3 . How negative keywords increase " Google Quality Score "?To understand how negative keywords improve campaign quality and reduce the cost , we must understand the elements involved in the calculation of " Google quality score ."Google takes into account three main factors to calculate the quality score of the campaign:Click rate ;The relevance of the ad relative to the user's query ;The quality of the landing page.Key to exclude , avoiding the ads for irrelevant search queries words , mathematically increase the click through rate.The negative keywords , limiting ads to display only qualified applications , increase the relevance of the ad relative to the request of the user.4 . A direct impact on the budget of the Google adwords campaignIn addition to reducing the cost per click, negative keywords also help us to optimize and reduce the overall budget of the campaign through the removal of clicks users whose demand can not be satisfied with our offer.What strategy to identify and target the keywords ex

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