Thursday, April 3, 2014

The reasons for Facebook and other Social Accounts hacking

Identity theft is very common on Facebook . However , the use of hacked accounts remains a mystery to many users , especially those who have never been victims of an act of hacking . Digital Future reveals the reasons and methods used by cyber- crooks in hacking Facebook accounts .
The reasons for hacking
Many people wonder why cybercriminals hack Facebook accounts . These pirates want to spread malicious programs via the social network of Mark Zuckeberg and create a network of hackers robots.
They write on the wall of infected an account hacked , which will infect all the PC people visiting the FB page messages. Thus, the hacker may collect personal information from users .
In most cases , the targets of these illegal activities are the pages of politicians and showbiz . Hacking accounts can be done by professionals of hacking to incite violence.
The methods used by scammers to hack accounts
The hacker tries the password of the user trying to conventional methods such as date of birth , Password or qwerty . If this method does not work, try to answer the secret question of the user for the password .
In case the hacker can not find the password with this second solution , it will use other technical means of putting in place a program that can test more than 2000 passwords per second. If this technique is still inefficient, it will go to the stage of "Phishing" during which he will send a fake mail to subscribers , prompting it to reveal his password for various reasons.

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